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Sprague PowerStar 4 Repair Kits


Repair kits for Sprague PowerStar 4 pumps. Kits sold separately for the air module and liquid modules. Be sure to order 1 of each for each module you want a kit for. *Double ended pumps require a total of 3 kits. 2 liquid module, and 1 air module.

P434 Liquid Module Kit
Sprague PowerStar 4 P434 Liquid Module Repair Kit
Price: $82.00 Stock #: 93890-34
P.O. # (optional):
P45 Liquid Module Kit
Price: $109.00 Stock #: 93890-5
P4 Air Module Kit
Sprague Repair kit for
P4 Air Module This kit is used on the Air module of the PowerStar 4 Pumps and PowerStar 4 Boosters
Price: $108.00 Stock #: 93891
P.O. # (optional):
P434 Repair Kit
Complete repair kit for Power Star P434 Consiting of: 1 93891 Air Module Kit 1 93890-34 Liquid Module Kit
Price: $190.00 Stock #: JFB-P434-RK